LT1400GSM Home Alarm


  • 4 Zones Alarm Function (Chime, 24Hr , full Arm , part Arm )
  • Added two connector A-Terminal (Armed) and D- Terminal ( Disarmed) .
  • Aux Positive output , B-Aux Positive output
  • Dip Switch for Fast and Easy Setting
  • Full security alarm function
  • GSM Pager call cellular phone Zone by trigger
  • Hopping code Remote Controller
  • Independent Door Opener
  • Internal Speaker
  • Outage 4 hours warning set
  • Telephone call GSM Pager setting Arm / Disarm
  • Voice / SMS Alerting
  • Wireless magnet door
  • Wireless PIR detector
Optional accessories
PIR Passive infrared sensor(Ambient Sensor)
Emergency Strobe Lights TWLW-10L9R
Wireless magnetic contact sensor
Siren GS-35 15W single tone Siren
LC15AW Magnetic contact sensor